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Ruby Book Bundle

6 Ruby Books.

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Build a Ruby Gem Book Cover

Build a Ruby Gem

by Brandon Hilkert

Whether you're an expert Rubyist, or just starting out, this book will guide you through the process of creating your own Ruby gem from start to finish. This package includes 14 screencasts totaling over 2 hours of video content.

Minitest Cookbook Book Cover

Minitest Cookbook

by Chris Kottom

This book is here to help Rubyists at all skill levels manage the techniques they need to write clear, effective, maintainable tests using the Minitest framework and to help others do the same.

Fearless Refactoring Book Cover

Fearless Refactoring

by Andrzej Krzywda

This book is a safe, step-by-step process of refactoring your Rails code, starting from controllers. You'll learn how to apply service objects, repositories, adapters and form objects in real-life projects.

Practicing Rails Book Cover

Practicing Rails

by Justin Weiss

Rails can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to let it crush you. Practicing Rails will teach you how to write your own Rails apps, without giving up, and without getting overwhelmed.

The Ruby DSL Handbook Cover

Ruby DSL Handbook

by Jim Gay

Find out, step-by-step, how powerful you can be and how quick to understand techniques will have you creating program language that fits your domain. Grab the Ruby DSL Handbook and feel like readers who say "The chapter on custom initializers blew me away!" This includes the complete package with cheatsheets, sample code, and all screencasts.

Rebuilding Rails Book Cover

Rebuilding Rails

by Noah Gibbs

Want to understand Ruby on Rails deeply? Or build your own custom Ruby web framework? The best way to understand it is to build it. This book walks you through building a full, working framework and points you to where you can learn even more.

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Building a Ruby Gem Ebook/Screencasts
Minitest Cookbook Ebook w/ Code
Fearless Refactoring
Practicing Rails
Ruby DSL Handbook Complete
Rebuilding Rails

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About the Authors

Brandon Hilkert

Brandon Hilkert

Brandon's been building Ruby applications since 2009. He regularly writes at

Chris Kottom

Chris Kottom

Chris has been working in technology and on the web since 1995. Check out his writings at

Andrzej Krzywda

Andrzej Krzywda

Andrzej worked on, reviewed and helped with hundreds of Rails apps, since 2004. He can be found blogging at the Arkency blog.

Justin Weiss

Justin Weiss

By day, Justin Weiss manages several teams of developers at Avvo. On his website,, he writes clear, simple tutorials to help Rails developers write fast, clean, well-tested apps.

Jim Gay

Jim Gay

Jim's eye for code comprehension and organization probably stems from his background in Graphic Design. Find more of his thoughts at

Noah Gibbs

Noah Gibbs

Noah has spoken at GoGaRuCo, taught Ruby on Rails at Carnegie Mellon, been a professional Ruby guru since 2010 and enjoyed programming for 30 years. He writes at


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You'll immediately get the following to download: Build a Ruby Gem ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) with source code and screencasts, Minitest Cookbook ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) and source code examples, Practicing Rails ebook (pdf, epub, mobi), Fearless Refactoring ebook (pdf), Ruby DSL Handbook (pdf, epub, mobi) with cheatsheets, sample code and screencasts, Rebuilding Rails ebook (pdf).

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